Label printing problem



I have an unusual label printing problem. We are using a okidata 321
printer. The labels are fed from a query in the access application so a
lable run can be from 1 to 500 or so.
When I preview the labels I see 7 per page, the page setup is 8.5 x 11.
When I print the lables the first page of 7 print perfectly. When the second
page prints it throws the whole label run out in that the label fields no
longer land on the label correctly and they are basically useless. I believe
the page break has something to do with it. The print job is set to
continuous. Any ideas? Is there something I can possibly put in the module
to help?

Linda Burnside

Try tweaking your margin settings. It sounds like your margins may be a
little bit off which could cause the problem you described.


Mike Painter

Also try truning off the end of page sensor on the printer.
You may be able to do this manually or you can send the control code to the
printer before you start printing by opening the printer as a file.

It took years of my saying so and (finally) an audit by an outside
accountant but I no longer have *any* clients with dot matrix printers... Of
course, now that I'm officially retired I don't have many left.

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