Kidz Games on Vista



I am in the process of upgrading my home network to Vista Home Premium.
Upgraded my laptop, no problem (from XP Media Center 2003).

My daughter's computer is another matter. It's an old Athlon 2200 XP with
an aging board. So, I ordered basically all new parts (X2 processor, 1GB
RAM, Board with GeForce 6100 integrated graphics - 128 MB shared, etc...)
and a sweet copy of Vista Home Premium (thanks for giving us folks that
build our own a break MS, it actually cost less than my upgrade on my
laptop). I'll probably do the build this weekend.

Here's my question. She plays a bunch of kids games. Has anyone converted
and used any of these PC games?

Barbie's Fashion Designer
Scholastic 4 pack (Dragon Tales, Clifford, Timon and Pumbaa, I Spy)
Bunch of Disney Mickey Mouse stuff

Alot of it uses Direct X 9.0c and I want to know if that will be an issue in

Also she plays alot of Flash games on-line (, etc...). Any
problems with Flash?

Any comments or help is appreciated.



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