Keyboard shortcuts



In Word 2007, there appear to be some inconsistencies in the keyboard
shortcut management utility.

Once I located the Customize Keyboard utility:

Office button (alt-f)
Word Options (alt-i)
Customize (no shortcut)
Keyboard shortcuts: Customize (alt-t)

I find that several features don't work properly:

1. Entering a shortcut combination into the "Press new shortcut key:"
field will cause the current assignment to display below in the
"Currently assigned to:" field -- usually. There are a number of
assigned shortcuts that show as "unassigned", such as the Office
button (alt-f) and all of the ribbon buttons (alt-h, alt-n, alt-p).

2. Go down to the bottom of the "Categories:" list to "Styles". None
of the styles that have standard shortcuts assigned (c-a-1 = Head 1,
c-a-2 = Head 2, c-s-n = Normal, etc.) show those assignments in the
"Current keys:" field.

I guess the Office developers were too busy designing ribbons to trake
care of details... ;-)

Terry Farrell

Actually, it shows all Alt+* combinations free; but they are all reserved
for the system and none are really free. Word 2007 allocates Alt shortcuts
all over the place right down to individual Ribbon buttons, allocating more
and more to the QAT as needed. It would have made sense for alt+* to have
been ignored so that the user knows they are unavailable.

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