Key combinations not used by Excel to use in macro keyboard shortcuts?

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2007-09-13 10:21:10


ctrl-l, ctrl-q, ctrl-t
are not used in Excel.

ctrl-e, ctrl-m, ctrl-j
are used in the VBE, but not excel.


Dave Peterson

I learned that ^1, ^q and ^t aren't used in Excel. Are there any other
combinations that aren't, by any chance? Does anyone know?

Thanks! :blush:D


Kevin B said:
If you look up keyboard shortcuts in Excel help you'll get em' all.

I did that and also looked in the archives before ever posting. I didn't
find an answer related to this -- a whole lot of other information came
up -- but not this.

Does anyone know the answer or an actual place to get such a list? I'm
looking for FREE keyboard shortcuts not the shortcuts themselves. I use a
lot of them so I know the ones that are generally avaiable. Besides the
ones listed by Dave Peterson below, are there any other free keys? I was
hoping for at least one more. Somewhere I have code to disable and enable
my own shortcut keys and as a last resort will hunt that down, I'm just
interested in what is natively free in XL2K.



Ah, post-its ... what would we do without them ...

Well, at least I have those 3 for now. I've tried the ^+Shft combinations
like Excel seems to revert to (I'm guessing when the ^+? gets changed, that
means that particular ^ combination is used up(??)) but they don't work. I
often get bumped into the font selection box which is my second toolbar
underneath the standard one.

I'll keep looking for easy out re this. I remember programming my very own
shortcuts into a sheet that absolutely had to have them, but it was a real
pain <g>.


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