Kallal's print rpt to pdf



Access 03/Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional

Since I have Adobe Pro on my work laptop and was having problems using the
Lebans PrintToPDF, I thought I might try Albert Kallal's code to change the
default printer. I've copied his code into a module and am simply "printing"
the report by using DoCmd.OpenReport acViewNormal (from another posting in
this newsgroup).

While I do eventually get to a PDF file saved, I have to select a directory
and then when the file is saved the PDF file is opened in a new window. I
have programmatically set a directory and filename for each PDF, so how do I
suppress the directory prompt? Also, how do I then prevent the PDF file from
opening in a new window?

I initially tried Lebans PrintToPDF but was getting too many errors. If I
can't get Kallal's code to work, I'll go back to Lebans' code and repost with
the errors.

Any help is appreciated.


OK, it was a good few minutes. I got both Kallal's code to work and suppress
everything thereafter, then went back and tried the same philosophy with
Lebans' code (I was passing improper statements) and now that works too.

Never mind. :-D

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