.JPG photos in an ACCESS OLE cell?


Mike Patton

How can i "EASILY" add multiple .JPG photos to an OLE cell in a DB?

From an "OPERATIONAL" point of view, how can I easily add MULTIPLE photos to
ONE ACCESS worksheet column. I can browse and get one photo but don't see how
I can define a "RANGE" of photos.


I noticed that nobody answered.

In most cases using an ole field to store images is a bad idea. (usually
one should store images separately, store the path an file name of the
picture in a text field, use code to display the picture in forms and
reports) And multi-value fields are usually a bad idea from a design
standpoint (usually better to store the items in a seperate linked table,
one record per item) That aside, I don't think that what you describe is
possible much less meeting your "Easy" requirement.

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