jar files



I would like to clarify the meaning of JAR files.
I looked up online and it said a file that contains an image, sound
files for Java possible compressed.

The question I have why are there JAR files what are they used for?


98 Guy

rvaede said:
I would like to clarify the meaning of JAR files.

You need to post this question to another newsgroup. This group gets
practically no traffic these days.

I believe that jar files are always a compressed zip file (in other
words, if you rename it to .zip then you can unpack it using winzip).

A jar file contains java class files and associated meta-data and other
resources (text, images, etc). A java class file is java source code
compiled into a binary executable that is executed by the Java Runtime
Environment (JRE) or the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed on the

Developers can obfuscate JAR files so that a user of the JAR file
doesn't get much information regarding the code it contains, or to
reduce its size.

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