It's your chance to try SmsAlias, 2-way SMS Outlook Add-in (...before any purchase)!



We are launching a new sms 2-way service the name is .

SMSalias is a unique and innovative way to integrate short message systems
(SMS) functionality on most common email clients enabling 2way SMS exchange
and providing subscribers with a personal GSM number (an alias to their
personal number) for the country of their choice (currently available for
UK, SW and Italy. More countries are added each month).

SMSalias provides you with a personal number of the country of your choice
and an easy to install add-in for your email client. Once your account is
active and you have SMS credits (these will be outbound SMS traffic that you
will be generating) you will be able to send SMS messages directly from you
PC. Users that receive your text message on their phone can reply back with
an SMS that you receive back on your email client. Reply options can be
fully configured to receive messages on email, private cell phone or both.

Using DigitelMobile's innovative SMS gateway platform, SMSalias users can
send and receive concatenated SMS. This means you are no longer limited to
the 160 characters of standard 2way SMS systems. A true innovation in terms
of usability and integration with common messaging platforms.

SMSalias also provides subscribers with one or multiple GSM numbers that can
be used in order to:

- activate dedicated channels of communications assigning specific
number to each

- enable Machine-to-Machine services all over the world

- when discretion requires communication with other people
withalias numbers

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