Bear Bottoms

ITknowledge24 has some nice portable tools with they use extractor
setups to install to your preferred directory.

I like the Security Analyzer 2.0
Security Analyzer 2.0 helps determine the Pesonal Computer (PC) health,
by collecting information about Windows Firewall status, Windows Update
settings, Antivirus and Antispyware, User Account Control (UAC)
settings, Network Access Protection (NAP) and Wireless Network Security
(Encryption method). Windows 7 or Windows Vista (x86 or x64). File size:
1.03 MB.

I especially like UAC Trust Shortcut 1.0
UAC Trust Shortcut 1.0 allows you to disable User Account Control for a
specific application, by defining a trusted shortcut. Windows 7 or
Windows Vista (x86 or x64). User Account Control: UAC must be on
(Required). File size: 1.13 MB.

Also nice is UAC Process Analyzer 1.0
UAC Process Analyzer 1.0 is a utility that provides details about any
running process. The main idea is to allow administrators to analyze
running applications, information provided is: Integrity level, UAC
Virtualization (i.e. is the process using the UAC Virtualization
feature), Trusted directory, and Software Digital Signature. Windows 7
or Windows Vista (x86 or x64). File size: 553 KB.

Helpful is UAC Controller Tool v1.0
UAC Controller Tool v1.0 provides a faster way for the administrator to
change User Account Control settings. Windows 7 or Windows Vista (x86 or
x64). File size: 133 KB.

File Activity Monitor Tool v1.0 (Beta)
File Activity Monitor Tool v1.0 (Beta) logs real-time changes on the
files stored on the Local Disk (C:\) drive. Windows 7 or Windows Vista
(x86 or x64). File size: 278KB.

Monitor Tool for Windows Defender
Since Microsoft released Windows 7, Windows Defender became part of the
Action Center, therefore, Windows Defender does not appear in the tray
area displaying an icon with its status like in Windows XP. This issue
appears to be a concern for the End Users which are running Windows 7, a
question which prompted up is "How do I know if Windows Defender is
enabled?" - so here it is the basic monitor tool for Windows Defender.
With the help of this small utility you will always know the status of
Window Defender. Windows 7 or Windows Vista (x86 or x64). Windows
Defender (Required). File size: 137KB.

All in all, very nice little tools.

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