Issue with Menus


Don Ireland

I posted this in the General questions section and received no responses.
So, I am hoping to have better luck here.

Running Excel 2003. When I go to the "Format" menu, the "Rows" choice is
greyed out and unusable. I have tried resetting menus and toolbars all to no

This has happened previously and I cannot remember what I did to fix it.

Can anyone help please? I am making do; however, life would be much simpler
if I could get this resolved.

Thanks in advance.


Try go to "Tools->protection ->protect sheet then checked the checkbox on the
top on and two belows the password named "select locked cell" and "select
unlocked cell"

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Don Ireland

It's not a protection issue. It is a problem with old files and any new
spreadsheet that I create. It is almost as if a default template file was
corrupt. But, I don't know where that is stored to delete/correct it.

Any other ideas?

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