Isolating Win's Partition from other Win Partition of Different OS




I have a Dell Optiplex 745 PC with 4 operating systems on a hard drive of 6
partitions. Each OS is on a different partition. The operating systems are
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Professional,
Windows 2000 Professional.

Installation History:
About two weeks ago I was posted around about problems I had in getting all
the Windows OS to work together on the same hard drive. The IT department
installed Win2000 after WinXP and that destroyed Xp's boot sector. I had to
reinstall WinXP but my WindowsXP boot cd would not boot from the BIOS. I had
to format the XP partition and copy the Win2000 partition into the WinXP
partition. After this I booted up into that new copy of Win2000 and did a
complete clean upgrade install into WinXP. After I resized the partition to
give XP more space.

The system uses Grub as a boot loader. When it loads a certain Windows it
hides the other two Windows partitions. Technically the running Windows
should not know or see the other Windows partitions. But they do. Here is
what each of them sees/detects in terms of local disks when I open My

Windows 2000 is on partition 3 ( C: ); detects and reads/writes the XP
partition ( F: ); detects Vista's partition ( E: ) but can not read or write.
WindowsXP is on partition 1 ( F: ); detects Vista's partition ( E: ) but can
not read/write to it.
Vista is on partition 2 ( C: ) and does not detect any other partitions.

Grub should be stopping this but it is not. Anyone know why? Furthermore how
to make each Windows partition think it is the only partition on the disk?

Thanks for your time.

Rich Barry

Does Grub work with WinVista's boot loader. It is different from XP
Loader which will include Win9x and Win2K in it's
loader if installed in the correct order. Win9x, Win2k, WinXP and then
Linux. With that order I havent had any problems
But when you add Vista to the mix, not certain what happens since I
havent tried it yet.

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