Is this legit or a fake?


Tom Moers

I received this message from a friend of mine in Texas. After doing what
she asked, YES, I did find this on my machine.
2. In the folder option, type the name:jdbgmgr.exe
3. Be sure to search your C drive and all the sub folders and any other
drives you may have.
4.Click "Find now"
5. The virus has a teddy bear icon with the name jdbgmgr.exe


6. Go to Edit (on the menu bar) and select delete. It will then go to the
recycle bin. If you find the virus, you must contact all the people in your
address Book so that they may eradicate the virus from their own address

To do this:
1. Open a new e-mail message
2. Click the icon Address Book next to "To"
3. Highlight everyname and add to BCC"
4. Copy this message and paste to email.

This will affect everyone in your address book so do it now!
The file is on my Microsoft® Debugger Registrar for Java folder

Thanks for any feedback



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