Is it possible to insert an image in an unprotected section in a f



I am creating a cover page / 'first page' for our Word templates (Contracts,
White papers, Manuals etc.) with corporate design elements (our logo etc.)
and some text fields for the document title, date and our corporate contact

So, I created a form with sections. Now I am struggeling with an unprotected
section where the users can insert a customer logo. (We always insert the
logo of the company for whom we're writing the official document). Therefore,
I've created an text box inwhich I want the users to insert the logo. But
after protecting the document the text box is not editable anymore. I want my
users to insert the logo in this text box otherwise I can't provide control
over the size of the inserted logo anymore.

Please can anyone give me advice?
I don't think we're the only company that work with Word templates where on
the cover page (first page) the title, date and a company logo of their
customer needs to be inserted on specific locations according to their
corporate design.

Or am I placing the sections incorrectly? Do I need to insert a section
before and after a protected or unprotected part? Or just between a protected
and unprotected part??


Graham Mayor

If instead of using a text box, you lay out the cover page using a
borderless table (or tables) and you fix the width of the cells, the logo
will adapt to the width of the cell and you can insert it into an
unprotected section or a protected form. A more elegant alternative would be
to use an autonew macro to unlock the form, pick the logo from file, insert
it as required and re-protect the form. You could also see which shows various methods of
inserting stuff in documents based on (say) form field content.

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