Forms Differences 2003 to 2007



I created a set of protected forms templates for corporate use in Word 2003.
These enabled users to enter forms data and check boxes and also allowed them
insert and format text in unprotected sections.
Trying to accomplish these same abilities in Word 2007, it appears something
has changed in protected Word 2007—the form template is ether forms or
comments, neither of which allow the previous flexibility of forms data/check
boxes and inserting/formatting text. How can I create/update the working
templates to Word 2007?


Thanks Graham,
It is the functionality flexibility that seems to have changed not the
tools. I've got the template completed using the form tools. I've specified
sections to restrict, etc. It is when I protect the template that there is a
• 2003 allowed both form filling and text entering/formatting (using
restrict to Filling in forms)
• 2007 allows only one or the other from what I have been able to accomplish
(either restrict to Filling in forms or restrict for Comments)—neither allows
both as before in 2003.

I thought maybe there was a different approach or a work around for 2007.

Graham Mayor

I don't recall that it was ever possible to restrict both for forms AND for
comments in the same document. Word 2007 certainly offers the choice of
protection for comments or protection for forms. The protection task pane
offers the same commands in both Word 2003 and 2007.

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