Is it possible to hide a workbook while pulling data from it



Hi All,

I know we have to open a workbook if we want to update it, but do we need to
open it even if we want to pull information from it? If yes.. Is there a way
to keep it hidden?
Is there a way to keep the workbook hidden while we update it or are pulling
data from it(to populate form fields in different workbook)?

Hope I am clear with my requirements

Thanks in advance



Dave Peterson

I bet if you use:

application.screenupdating = false
'open the sending workbook
'a bunch of code here
'close the sending workbook
application.screenupdating = true

You and your users would never know that it was being opened, inspected, and


You could add formulas to empty cells to retrieve values from your sending


John Walkenbach has a routine that can get values from a closed workbook:
Look for either: GetDataFromClosedFile or GetValue.

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