Is anyone else having problems with Flash?


Matt Cable

Is anyone else having problems with Adobe/Macromedia Flash under Vista
(Ultimate Edition)? It initially worked, but something happened in the last
few weeks and now:
- The URGE service within Windows Media Player 11 displays the message "No
such error found. Error Code: flashNotInstalled"
- Videos on MSN report that I need to download Macromedia Flash Player
- YouTube reports that "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an
old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest flash player"

Okay, so I've been out to Adobe to download Flash
(, and
of course I can see the Flash video with spinning message "Adobe Flash
Player successfully installed". But nothing else appears to work

So, I've read around, and have made sure that in IE7 that the "Shockwave
Flash Object" is an enabled IE Add-in.
I would un-install and re-install Flash, but I don't see any entries in
Vista's installed "Programs and Features" Control Panel applet.

Any other ideas? Is it security-related?


Ari Sillanpää

I click that hidden program:



i had the same problem so went to adobe macromedia flash page and after a
bit of looking on help found an uninstall program. used that then
reinstalled and all is well again until net time.

Mark-Allen [160825]

You didn't say which bit-version you're running, but I have found that the
64-bit version of IE will not install Flash. So, I created a link to the
32-bit version and installed. If Flash is needed, then I just run the IE-32
bit version.

Maybe this will help.

Mark-Allen Perry
160825 / 1112165
Windows Vista X64 Ultimate
RTM Build 6000.16386
ALPHA Systems
Marly, Switzerland
mark-allen @ mvps . org


Not a lot of help I know but no probs here at all am using one care trail
as my security suite.




ok you need to get the offline installer than flash stays working. dont ask
me why but it does


when you find out how to download flash player let me know I have tried

Carey Frisch [MVP]

Download the standalone version of Flash Player from here:


Then right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator".

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows - Shell/User



when you find out how to download flash player let me know I have tried

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