Is an uninterrupted ticker tape throughout entire presentation possible?



I would like to know if is is possible to create a slide show
presentation with a ticker tape that continues uninterrupted throughout
the entire presentation, regardless of what slide in presented.

I know that I can create a ticker tape in a slide, and I know that I can
duplicate that ticker tape in each slide in the presentation, but the
ticker tape 'resets' and starts over from the beginning on each slide
transition. This is not what I am after.

I want it to look like ticker tape does on a TV news program. It is
obviously an 'overlay' in this situation and continues even when the
source footage behind it changes. This is the effect that I am trying to

Am I heading in the wrong direction? Would an alternate presentation
application be better for this. I am only using PowerPoint as I am
familiar with it.

Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.


Additional Info:
PowerPoint Version:
* 2007
Basic Objective:
* Presentation for TV in Workplace Reception
* Ticker tape will not be a 'live feed'
* Ticker tape is to display company contact info


It seems that if you run a second presentation in a narrow band as a ticker
below your normal slide show, it would do the job. PowerShow available from allows you to run
multiple slide shows simultaneously. It has a TickerShow feature that allows
you to run multiple slide shows on the same monitor with each slide show
occupying some place on the monitor as you define. More information on
TickerShow feature is available at

- Chirag

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