Is a Match ?



Good Evening All,
I have many sheets in my workbook. Two of them are data collection sheets.
Sheet A and Sheet B. Both sheets have a date column in them

In sheet A, a new row is added every day. The rows are made unique by the
date. Sheet B, is added once a month or so.

the column named 'PLS Flow' is listed in both sheet A and sheet B. Sheet A
gets a new PLS Flow reading each day. I need to pull the value of the PLS
Flow column, into Sheet B, to use in a calculation.

Here is what i need. I need to be able to pull the PLS Flow value from
Sheet A, into Sheet B, for the required date. I think i need to use an
IsMatch function, but not sure how to apply it here. Can anyone help?

I want to populate the 'PLS Flow' column of sheet B, by searching in Sheet
A, for PLS Flow, for the date of th

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