IP and name domain not found



I have a network using a single Windows 2000 Server (AD integrated DC
running DHCP, DNS). It has two NIC’s for redundancy ( and, both are static and set to use the following DNS
servers, and and an ADSL router (
as the default gateway.

The server is not being found properly by name. I think this is
preventing some clients accessing the domain.

At one point I gave a network card on the server an automatically
assigned IP and it received the address (presumably from
itself). I then changed it back to the static

Today, when I pinged the server from a command line (ping server) it
lets me know that it thinks the server is at but it does
not actually reach the server and the request times out.

Now, I know that this is because the server is actually at
and .20 (not .50)!
However I can not work out where the client is getting;
because the client is using a static address of with as the preferred DNS and as and alternate DNS
server. The default gateway is the ADSL router (
I can ping and get a normal response.

I have tried to flush the dns (ipconfig -flushdns) on both the server
and clients.
My servers ip address is pointed to by nds and all the clients and the
server have static IP addresses with the servers IP address set as the
preferred DNS in the TCP/IP properties.
I can see no record of the old address anywhere on the
server, and none of the clients have a static link to

I can browse to the server using explorer \\server
but I cant ping server

Any ideas???




Doug Sherman [MVP]

Some observations:

1. Having two adapters with different addresses on the same subnet is a bad
idea which will cause multiple problems, especially on a domain controller -
you should disable one of these adapters.

2. Check the DNS console - there is probably a host or resource record for Delete any such record, and restart the netlogon service on
the DC - check Event Viewer for errors.

3. If "all the clients and the server have static IP addresses", there is
no obvious need for DHCP.

Doug Sherman

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