Can't find server name for address


Marco J.L.


We have :

Windows 2000 Server
Active Directory
DNS (automaticully setup bij dcpromo)

Ip settings :
IP :
SN :
DG :

Forwarder in DNS to DNS server from our Internet provider

When I ping to the NetBios or the Full DNS name of the server it works well.
When I start NSLOOKUP (default server I get the message :
*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
*** Default servers are not available
Default Server: UnKnown
The rest of the lookup is working fine!!

1 : Why is the default server Unknown?
2: What's wrong because I get the to messages when starting NSLOOKUP?


Marc J.L.


The problem is in Reverse Lookup Zone. See there. I'm sure there is no records about your host. :) Or may be Reverse Lookup Zone was not created at all (if so - create it!

To resolve the problem, go to Forward Lookup Zone, find "A" records (for example: NAME_OF_THE_DC - Host - IP Address), remove it, right click, choose "New Host...", type the same name and IP addres And check "CREATE ASSOCIATED POINTER (PTR) RECORD"

Go to Reverse Lookup Zone. Refresh it. There will be the record (IP addres to Hostname). If the record exists than NSLOOKUP will work properly

Best regards
Igor Fomin, igorf ==at== digdes == co
May 13, 2010
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I had the same problem, but my operating system was w2k3, DC, DNS, DHCP. as soon as I created a reverse lookup zone and recreated A record for the DNS server on the forward lookup zone my nslookup started to work like a charm. I owe this forum a lot for this.
May 5, 2011
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@mesob I did comply with your instructions. I created a reverse lookup zone and recreated a record for the DNS server on the forward up zone but unfortunately i still get the error message "can't find server name for address Non existent domain"

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