IP Address conflict



I keep getting a Windows Error window pop-up and it
states that there is an IP Address Conflict on the
network contact the network administrator or ISP. Checked
with the ISP they states everything is ok. They thought
it might be a virus. Although I have Norton running and
up to date. I am running XP Home on my laptop and the
Cable modem is an SB4100 SURFboard, USB connection. I cna
repair the connection within Network connecitons but only
lasts a few minutes.

Any ideas??



Paul Russell

Here is one thing you can do.

1 - when you get your initial IP address, write it down
2 - change the IP address of the computer to a static one off of the
problematic IP (e.g. vs.
3 - from the command prompt PING the problem IP with the -a parameter
(PING -a

See if anything lives at that IP address

if it does you may be able to do more probing to determine the other PCs
name, mac address etc which will be useful when you contact you ISP.

Probes = try to open a remote file share or access a webserver or telnet
into the telnet port .etc.

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