Invalid avtivation Key



I have had Vista for awhile now, and it has been a non-stop pain. Error after
error, with absolutely no help from microsoft. I've had to figure it out on
my own, and just a few days ago recovered from update errors. I had to format
my HDD, and lost all my info. I have now reinstalled Vista, and set my
computer back up, but was then hit with an Invalid Activation Key error,
claiming my Vista wasn't genuine. I again reinstalled Vista(because I was
only able to use the webbrowser), and am met with the same problem. My copy
of Vista is real, how do I fix this error? I don't want to have to erase
everything again. Vista has been a terrible experience, not worth the trouble
at all, but it's all I have.

Rick Rogers


Does the error message actually say it's not genuine? Or that it's in use?
The latter is normal for a key that was previously activated, all you need
do is use the phone activation method.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts


I tried the phone activation, my Vista is OEM, so of course, Microsoft will
only help for a ridiculous price. It's just such a pain, I don't recommend
Vista to anyone, wait until the next program comes out, then maybe Vista will
actually work.

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