internet free/busy




i am trying to get outlook calendar sharing going on our office lan with no
avail. not interested in exchange cost & overkill. all i want to do is to
have my users be able to see each other's appointments availability.

all computers are on Windows XP pro (sp2) with Outlook 2003 sp1.

what i've done is gone into the internet free/busy area in calendar options.
now i've done a TON of research, but i can't seem to be able to find EXACTLY
what to put in these two boxes under publish & search. I have setup a share
on the office server which on all computers is available at P:\calendars\.

I have managed to add vbf files to the shared directory by doing
p:\calendars\user1.vbf in the publish box. then clicking send/receive >
free/busy information. outlook then told me the info was published
successfully and i verified that by seeing the file in the share.

Now, when i go to another user's outlook and try to add the first user to a
meeting using the schedule tab, i can add the contact, but can't see their
schedule. it ALWAYS shows up as the white & black striped line that
indicates there is no information.

Can anyone please clear up this issue once and for all. i am finding the
online support only goes so far.

thanks, airyt


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