Internet Explorer 7



Internet Explorer 7 has major problems. Whenever I closed out of a website I
would get the following message: Internet Explorer has encountered a problem
and has to close. Send error report. I downloaded a new browser, firefox, and
made it my default browser. All problems were eliminated and the computer
runs faster


I too do not like IE7.
I also stayed with MS and am useing IE6.
IE7 works well with Vista. In fact when I had Vista IE was about the only
thing that worked right.
I bet you have Windows Auto update turned on. If so? Turn it off. Go to
Windows update site and select to block IE7 to install.
I used Auto update. It downloaded IE7 and modem driver update which made
the modem unuseable.
So now I check the Windows update site once or twice a month for any new
Even thow it tells me to turn on Auto update I choose to select; custom,on
the website, and download/install what I know I need and not what Windows
thinks I need.
I know alot of people satisfied with Firefox. But if auto updates are
turned off you could have just uninstalled IE7 and the system would have
reverted back to IE6.
But,still, you would have had to reinstall any IE6 updates and patches.


Sorry... I meant to say hide IE7 downloads at the website.
Which I figure that if this is done that even through Auto update is active
it will not download IE7.
I base this on that I clean completly all IE files every time I log off the
net. And when I go back to the update site,later, it still has my preferences

Gary S. Terhune

Yup, but if you don't immediately go to WU and uncheck the item, tit gets
DLed by AU. I prefer to use the tool immediately after install, along with
AV, etc. before going online. If I or the owner later decides to install
IE7, it's an easy undo.



Are you using NAV or SAV?

I just got the following from symantec chat line regarding this same issue
that we are having on 6 machines.

Our error various between both explorer and iexplorer must close.

read this from our chat tech session at symantec:

Hemantha(Fri Sep 14 00:42:16 EDT 2007)>

yes, this is a problem that we have seen recently. There is a DLL file of
Norton associated with the Internet Explorer settings, this causes the error
and the Internet Explorer crashes and closes.

Hemantha(Fri Sep 14 00:47:02 EDT 2007)>

Yes, that problem can be resolved by 1 ,By disabling or Unchecking the
Norton Product protection under the Miscellanous option 2,Closing all the
Internet Explorer windows, 3, search for hidden files and folder for nppw.dll
files and remove them, 4 , Run LiveUpdate and 5, Restart the computer the
issue would be fixed.

Best regards,

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