Internet Explorer 7 (32-bits) keeps on freezing wile the 64-bits works OK in Vista 64


Trond Ruud

Internet Explorer 7 (32-bits) keeps on freezing (crashing) while the 64-bits
version works OK in Vista 64. What can I do? Get a Registry cleaner? Any
Trond Ruud,

Trond Ruud

brink said:
Hi Trond,

Sounds like you have a add-on for IE7 that isn't worling right. Have
you just installed a Active X item or some other add-on for IE7 before
this started?

Check here to see what you have on already:
1. Open control panel (classic view)
2. Click on Internet Options
3. Click Programs tab
4. Click Manage add-ons
5. scroll through the list to see if you can spot a possible culprit

Hope this helps some,


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You're right:

After disabling the iFinger add-in because it was listed as "not verified"
IE7 (32) has returned to its normal self again.
Thanks Shawn,
Trond Ruud

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