Internet connection sharing on Windows Vista



Hi everyone,

My friend has 2 computers running Windows Vista home premium which are
connected to each other through LAN and on one computer He has internet
connection which he was sharing it on the other computer through Internet
Connection sharing. But recently there was some problem on the client
computer which started hanging and freezing so he did a system restore which
resolved the freezing issue of vista upto a certain extent but since then the
Client computer is not able to connect to internet through the host computer
using Internet connection sharing.

He has also tried reconfiguring the Internet connection sharing on both the
machines but the client computer is not able to access internet.

He has a tri-band internet connection.

Please help us on this issue.
Thanks in Advance.




Thank you buddy,

the solution did work.

my friend had reinstalled the internet connections on the computers and
after that the ICS worked on the client computer irregularly that is
sometimes it connected automatically and sometimes my friend had to connect

I tried the steps suggested by you and restarted both the computers and it
worked good.

Thank you for your help.



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