internal vs external resolution



Are there any issues with using the same domain name for internal vs
external domain?
For example: is the name of the internal AD domain (5-6
machines), and the registered Internet name is as well.

Our site is hosted on a third-party host as (www.<churchname>.org),
and I've just set up www as an A record on the internal DNS to allow
internal machines to resolve to the correct external website. The
third party hosts our Internet DNS, and directs all Internet traffic
to the website address.

Unfortunately, several Internet (external) users are unable to resolve
the name or hit the website while many can hit it with no problem.
It's been several weeks since the Internet DNS was set up, so
propogation should have happened long ago.

There are no zone transfers set up on the internal DNS machine, so is
there any way that the internal DNS could be interfering with the
Internet name servers causing the inability to resolve the website
address from the Internet in some cases?

Any help would be appreciated



Kevin D. Goodknecht [MVP]

allenjk said:
Are there any issues with using the same domain name for internal vs
external domain?

Yes there are issues, it causes extra DNS administration because the records
for the public web sites don't exist in the internal DNS and you will not
beable to access the webite by without the www.

I took this from a post earlier this week.
This is probably the second most asked question in this group. Internally must resolve to the IP addresses of domain controllers that
have File Sharing enabled.
You can set up a site in IIS on your DCs for and have IIS
redirect the request to that is the best you can do.
Changing the behavior of DNS to give out IP addresses of the website instead
of DCs will cause GPOs
to fail and replication errors because they will be looking to the webserver
for the SYSVOL DFS share at \\\SYSVOL

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