Internal hosts and external hosts



lets say I have an internet domain called
The server is abroad, out of my company.
Now - I created Windows 2000 domain called with DNS server
in my comapny.

-In the external(internet) domain of I have
hosts(,, and so

-In the internal windows 2000 domain I also have DNS host for each
computer(, and so on)

-All the internal workstations configured to use the internal
DNS(Windows 2000 DNS).

-I've set up forwarder in the internal DNS server so company users
could reach external internet sites.

And to the problem:
when internal users try to reach external hosts of, the internal dns can't
find them.
I've found only one solution to this problem:
to map manualy each external host(, in
the internal DNS to the right IP address.

Isn't there any option to forward the dns query of undefined internal
hosts to External DNS ?

any suggestions ?



Keith W. McCammon

No. If you request a record from a DNS server, and the domain name of the
requested record falls within a forward lookup zone of a given DNS server,
then that DNS server will not use forwarders to seek out unresolved records.


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