Internal Error 2755. 110 on install from .msi execution



On XPSP2 with latest Genuine Advantage Tool (which updated MS installer), I
just downloaded the beta MicrosoftAntiSpywareInstall.exe, ran it as local
admin, and this error occurred. From KB articles on this error, it would
appear that %windir%\installer permissions might be wrong, but they aren't,
admin & system have full control. However, from Google search results, it
appears the NTFS EFS (encrypting file system) causes problems if the
installer package is encrypted. But I have only "My Documents", and Local
Settings\Temp and Local Settings\Application Data encrypted for obvious
reasons. EFS is probably the culprit here, but if anyone knows different,
please let me know.

Full error text from Application Log Event# 10005, source MsiInstaller:

Product: Microsoft AntiSpyware -- Internal Error 2755. 110,
Installations\{78CB0701-6520-4FAE-99CE-20DE50BEF25C}\Microsoft AntiSpyware.msi



Bill Sanderson

Interesting. I googled a bunch of stuff, and it all seemed to revolve
around permissions--I didn't spot any references to EFS. I'd have thought
that EFS was supposed to be transparent.

I can imagine that the encryption of TEMP may be the issue here, if EFS is
really at fault.

I've EFS encrypted TEMP and am running a "repair" via control panel, add or
remove programs--but my CPU is pegged (piii-750)--so I'm not sure what is
happening--haven't seen the error message anyway. I think I will kill this
and try an uninstall/reinstall.

Bill Sanderson

OK - I can confirm.

I encrypted TEMP, did an uninstall, and a reinstall, and it failed with the
same 2755 error message.

I investigated the installer file noted in the error message, and found that
it was marked in green as being encrypted--perhaps as a result of an
unjudicious move from TEMP.

In order to reinstall successfully, I unencrypted TEMP, and deleted that
installer file noted in the error message. I could then reinstall

I'll pass this on.


I configured Local Settings\Temp to be unencrypted, and re-ran the .exe
install. But this did not solve the problem.

When I looked at the file path mentioned in the error, yes in fact, the .msi
file was encrypted, but I don't know why. Since I had not configured higher
parts of the path to be encrypted, nor did I have the .exe encrypted. Anyway,
I changed the properties on the .msi to be decrypted, and re-ran the .exe
downloaded to install. I had downloaded the .exe to C:\Program
Files\Downloads (a directory of my own creation), from which I ran the .exe
through file explorer by double-clicking. It appears to have overwritten the
same .msi file at the same path (C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded

Now that this particular .msi was not encrypted, the installation has

Thanks for the investigate Bill.

Bill Sanderson

I suspect that the installer routines will be very different for beta2, but
I'll pass this on in case it either isn't something they've spotted.

Am I correct in assuming that you've successfully installed other .MSI based
products on this system--so this isn't a generic issue with the installer?
You did mention that this was the first time you've done an install with 3.1
of the installer? I doubt that's the root of this, though.



Oct 21, 2008
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Very good solution

Very good solution.

1. just go to the folder where the .msi file is found and right click -> properties -> advanced -> Uncheck the box: Encrypt content to secure data.
In my case the path of the .msi was C:\Documents and Settings\myUser\Application Data\Sun \Java\jdk1.6.0_10

2. Run the JDK again and it will work.

Note: If it does not work just go the Sun folder instead and do the same as explained above and select all the subfolder and files before you click apply/ok

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