interesting: link main report, then it will print many times



I'm wondering why this happens:
I have a main report that has no record source ("unbound"?). There are four
subreports that make up the detail section. This all works great, until I
set a record source for the main report: then the whole report
generates/prints multiple times. The number of times the report
prints/generates is equal to the number of records there are in the table
that the main report is "linked" to.
I could leave the main report unbound/unlinked, but I would like to be able
to use information in a couple of tables to complete the Title of the report.

Any ideas why/how this is happening?





Duane Hookom

You are experiencing exactly what I would expect. The detail section of a
report will repeat for every record in the report's record source. If you
want something to print only once, your record source should have one record
or you can put the subreport or whatever in the report header or footer

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