Intel based Apple Machines, what happens in the future?

Jun 29, 2020
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I know that the community isn't very hot on Apple, but a lot of us have due to one reason or another significantly costly Apple Machines with Intel processors.

I am specifically talking of the newer ones with the Secure T2 chip. These machines cost an arm (pun unintended) and a leg to buy.

Further these are capable machines.

However, with the whole transition to the Apple Silicon the future of these machines is in disarray. My own personal strategy is to buy a powerful machine that I can use for at least 6 to seven years.

Now Apple is claiming it is going to support Intel Machines for some time and I think they might do it for lets say 4 years (considering they only supported the PPC for like 2 years).

What happens after?

The state of Linux support on these machines is not very good, especially the ones with the secure chip.

There is obviously the option to install Windows, but that would be like jumping from pot directly into the fire, not that I have anything against people who use Windows machines.

My question is, to put it succinctly: Where does the Linux community stand on this?


Feb 23, 2002
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Interesting question... I don't know than the basics on this, but I'm also interested to hear thoughts.

My gut instinct is that Apple will have to support Intel based machines for a long time to come. These machines aren't considered "disposable" as a phone is (i.e. you'd expect a machine to be in use for many years, not just 2 years). They'll burn a lot of bridges if they drop support for an entire ecosystem too soon.
Jan 4, 2003
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Especially when the are churning out stuff like this

$50,000 grand for an Apple Mac. Oooo I'm gonna swear really, really loud
Oh btw, the monitor (featured) is 6k and then the All ALUMINIUM stand is a further 1k
Yes you read right. You buy the stand separately...........

Is anyone else screaming out in disgust?

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