Installing a DOS App on WinXP and Having it Run Fullscreen?



OS=Win2K or WinXP
I'm aware of the Alt+Enter to toggle between full and window mode. I
can also get fullscreen by choosing the option in the properties
section of the icon, then right-clicking on the title bar of the DOS
screen, going to Properties | Layout, and making the dimensions of
the screen buffer size and window size 80x25. That works beautifully.
What I am trying to do is create an install script that does this
It looks like there is a registry entry created when you go through
the procedure to set the screen to true full-screen. The registry
entry is located here in the registry:

Basically 2 settings seem to affect the full-screen option:

ScreenBufferSize = 1638480(decimal)

WindowSize = Deleted

When I modify these entries with the install script, I don't get true
fullscreen. The DOS section of the screen is full, but the data, or
application only uses the top half of that screen. Is there another
registry entry that needs to be modified to make my DOS application
run true fullscreen?

Pete S - Tucson, AZ

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