Installer Project - No device-compatible programs available



I have written an app for WM6. When I debug it using the any of the Windows
Mobile 6 Emulators it runs fine. Same if I debug to a real device.

I need to package the app for deployment. I've been through all the various
walkthroughs including Christopher Tacke's Deploying .NET Compact Framework 2
Applications with .cab and .msi Files.

The .cab and the .msi files build OK but when I try to install to any of the
Mobile 6 Emulators I get "There are no device-compatible programs available".

If I copy the cab to the device and install it via File Explorer the
installation seems to proceed OK but then no program appears on the device.

I'm using VS2008 but built the same stuff with VS2005 Sp1 and same happens.

Any hints please?




I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that it might be an issue with the fact the
CAB isn't signed.


You need to ensure you add custom actions for Install and Commit. The commit
action uses the appropriate data listed in the below article. All you have
to do for the Install action is just add the same dll as the custom install
action with no customactiondata. I hope this helps.

Rick D.




Thanks for the replies to this and a previous post I made.

I'm pretty sure the problem is in the cab file itself because if I copy the
cab onto the device and click in file explorer the program gets installed but
it's a 'Null Program'.

I had signed the file but I changed to another certificate (all are on the
fly certificates not real ones) and this has resulted in progress of a sort.
Now if I go on to build the msi and run it I do get the chance to install,
but a program of 0 bytes. Hence my conclusion that the installer is building
OK but the cab isn't.

As before the program runs fine if I debug to the emulator or to the real

I'm sure I'm doing something very stupid but will welcome all ideas on what.


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