installation with Office 2007



I installed Office 2007 on a new computer, then tried to install Frontpage
2003. I get an access denied message. So I completely uninstalled 2007 and
rebooted the computer. I still am unable to install FP 2003 - same access
denied message. I tried installing only the program, not the shared office
items, but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Andrew Murray

I think the solution is to install the products in order of release e.g.
install, Frontpage 2003 first then Office 2007, as I've heard before on this
group the newer MS Office causes some conflicts or something, with the
shared files that MS Office uses.

The "Access Denied" issue might be associated with your log on profile in
Windows. Generally you need to be logged on as an administrator or do the
"Run As Administrator" (browse the CD/DVD and right click the setup icon for
setting up Frontpage and/or MS Office).

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