Installation add-in successfull but not in COM add-in list in OL20


Johan Machielse

Dear Reader,

I've created an Outlook 2003 add-in in Visual Studio.NET 2008 (Other Project
Types > Extensibility > Shared Add-in) and installed it successfully. The
add-in works perfectly but I can't find it in the COM add-in list within
Outlook (Tools > Options... > Other > Advanced Options... > COM add-ins)??? I
searched for the add-in in the registry and I found it:

Why is my add-in not in the list?

Thank you in advance!


Johan Machielse

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

An administrative installation (to HKLM for all users) is never shown in the
COM addins dialog in Outlook 2003 or earlier. It is shown in the Trust
Center of Outlook 2007.

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