Install XP Home on new HD



My XP system has 2 HD's. XP Home is installled on a 40 GB IDE primary
master, and the other 20 GB HD is IDE slave is used for extra storage. I am
planing to replace the 40 GB HD with a 160 GB SATA, remove the 20 GB slave
and put the existing 40 GB HD as a slave on the primary IDE channel.
The new configuration will then be:
160 GB SATA ( I want to insatll XP Home on this one)
DVD/CDROM IDE master primary UDMA channel
40 GB IDE slave primary UDMA channel (this one has the existing XP Home on
I now want to format the 10 GB SATA HD and (re)-install XP on it.
Will there be a problem when I do this?
Will the XP installer have problems with the existing XP home that is now a
I figure that after I (re)-install XP Home I can copy over whatever files I
want from the old 40 GB and then re-format that drive.
Comments? Problems?
I have the XP Home install Cd and a valid key.




Disconnect the drive that has XP on it at the present time
Install XP new onto your SATA drive
Make sure it works and that the SATA drive is listed in the boot order
before the IDE drive
Reconnect the old drive as slave and move over what you want.........when
your done format the drive.

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