Install Ubuntu and get disk errors? What a piece of crap Ubuntu is


Kevin SmallBone

installing 9.10 - detecting disks error (RAID)


Trying to install 9.10 from the 64bit alternate CD and keep getting a
partition disk error right after the drive detection.
I get a screen:

Detect Disks
One or more drives containing Serial ATA RAID configurations have been
found. Do you want to activate these RAID devices?
Activate Serial ATA RAID devices? YES/NO

No matter what I choose I get the Starting up Partitioner screen and a
Partition Disk error:

Could not stat device /dev/mapper/asr_AppArray - No such file or directory.

I had XP running on the RAID0 array but I killed the array right before
trying to install. The Intel Matrix Storage Manager shows no RAID Disks,
just 3 physical drives. 2 Seagates and 1 Maxtor.
When I select "nodmraid" option in the first ubuntu boot screen I get the
same serial ata raid detection screen and it goes all the way to the
partitioner but it doesn't detect my 2 seagates.
Any help would be appreciated.
(Trying to do the software RAID0 system drive)


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