Install any clone of XP direct to a USB stick



Windows XP boots from USB

Author: Dietmar Stölting, 31. Januar 2006
(e-mail address removed)

Tutorial (Version 4)

This Version of the Tutorial describes, how to install XPSP2 direct to an
USB harddisk.
All clones of XP work. Another harddisk can stay.

1.) Unzip the file F6 to a floppy disk.

2.) Put the XPSP2 CD, the floppy disk and the USB harddisk in.

3.) Press F6 when asked.

4.) Install OEM1...OEM5 with S (Z in Germany).

5.) Disable the pagefile.

6.) Delete on the USB harddisk in WINDOWS\inf usb.inf, usbstor.inf,

Good luck

EDIT 5. Februar 2006

Thanks to Jacopo Lazzari (jaclaz), now it is possible
to install all clones of XP direct to a USB stick.
Before you start with 1.) of the Tutorial 4 do the following:

1.) Write FF to all sectors of your USB stick with a hexeditor (I use
Winhex). Disconnect your stick.
2.) Install the Hitachi Microdrive Filter to your working XP harddisk.
3.) Connect your USB stick again.
4.) Go to the XP Device Manager, search for your USB stick (drives, next
to your harddisk).
5.) Chose New drivers for your USB stick and there Hitachi Microdrive.
6.) Format with Partition Magic 8 your USB stick with FAT32 and set it
7.) Go to step 1.) of Tutorial 4.


Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4


Hi Alex,
in this file are the USB*.sys drivers,the USB*.inf files and my
txtsetup.oem to install them via Floppy disk. You can use a USB Floppy.

If you give me an Emailadress, where not "Spam bloked" appears, I can send
F6 to you.

Nice to hear from you

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