Tutorial (Version 6) for USB boot



Windows XP boots from USB

Author: Dietmar Stölting, 6. Juni 2006
(e-mail address removed)

Tutorial (Version 6)

Hi all,

at 13:00 I am starting with normal XP SP2 install on a brandnew 250 GB WD
IDE harddisk, formatted with FAT32 and 8.0 GB partitions size on my AMD
compi Siemens with D1607 motherboard.
This is the same hardware as for my VMware image.
I use an original XP SP2 installations CD.

Lets see , how long I now need to build a generic XP SP2 from this
install for USB or normal use.
I will edit this post, what I am doing.


EDIT1: In the meantime I format a WD160BB USB harddisk with Fat32 and 7.5
GB partitionssize by
Partition Magic 8.0 and set it aktiv. After that, I formatted it once more
bút now from a working XP.
This is because I noticed differences in the bootsector. The XP formatting
gives the best results for USB booting from a harddisk.
This is the best USB harddisk, that I know. It has an USB to IDE
controller, that is recogniced through
booting by any compi. Because I have about 20 different USB harddisks, I
know what I am writing.
Now I copy the modified ntdetect.com, the XP SP2 ntldr and boot.ini with
an extra line to the USB harddisk.
Ok, all my compis show now the two lines from the boot.ini, meaning that
the preparation of the USB
device is perfect.

Ok, the XP SP2 install (as normal) on the IDE harddisk is ready. I disable
the pagefile.
This XP needs 1.3 GB space.
I dont install anything there (no extra drivers no extra programs)!!!

I connect my WD 160BB USB harddisk to this fresh XP SP2 simply for

I copy and past all the files and folder of this new XP SP2 to a folder
AMD64XPSP2Rhein from an other outstanding XP. (I use an USB XP hihi)
System Volume Information and Recycled copy not.

I disconnect my brandnew IDE harddisk with the new XP SP2 on it. I do not
need it any more. It is only
therefor, if something went wrong with the XP SP2 image in

I connect my normal XP working harddisk to do all the needed things ( I
need some programs ) with the image.

In AMD64XPSP2Rhein I change the ntdetect.com against the modified one.
I change the USB*.sys files against them from XP SP1.
I delete the driver intelppm.sys in Driver cache. This intelppm.sys has to
be renamed in system32\drivers.
I also change there the USB*.sys files against them
from XP SP1 . I use winrar to unpack the sp2.cab file and CABPack to pack
it again.
I delete in Registry the key CriticalDeviceDatabase and put the
CriticalDeviceDatabase from Tutorial 3 for Windows Embedded in.
I put in inf folder the USB*.inf files with System Reserved and Start = 0
in it (see Tutorial3).
I also change in registry the entries for USB* as described in Tutorial

I delete key MountedDevices. This step should not be done if you use a USB
stick, because then it can happen, that your USB device gets the drive
letter E:\ (for example).

Now I am copying the files and folders to the WD160BB USB harddisk.

ntldr, ntdetect.com and boot.ini copy not, because they are there and must
not be overwritten!!!

I connect it to the AMD D1607 Siemens compi.

Yeahh, it boots at once to Desktop.

Now I change the IDE driver. Go to Device Manager and there IDE
Rightclick on Bus Master IDE-Controller. (Via or Intel or whatever)
Update driver, choose for advanced users, dont search, choose Standard IDE
Controller. Thats all.
Now, Standard IDE Controller can be seen in the Device Managers.

Your generic XPSP2 should be ready. I test and compare it now with the
VMware solution.
The whole process lasts only 2 hours.

Nice to hear from you

Test on next compi without any modifikation of this image: Notebook Acer
Extensa 4102WSXGA+
This is with Intel M processor: OK, solved. (WAAAAOOOHH)
It asks for intelppm.sys hihi...but I do not give it
I changed the IDE Controller there also against the generic one. All
hardware is detected and installed.
For first only from original XP SP2 !!!
Reboot of the notebook: All ok.

Now, without any modification, connecting the USB WD160BB harddisk back to
the first compi AMD D1607
This is the hardest test of all: OK, solved: no amnesia is seen, no driver
was loaded, the USB drivers
in devicemanager seems to have been changed by a ghost...hihi

Test on next compi without any modification: Shuttle Barebone SB61G2 V3:
OK, solved. Waaaaoooh...
I also change there the IDE controller against the Standard IDE

Next Test: ASUS P4C800-E deluxe:OK, solved...Yippiiieheh, this here is
I also change there the IDE controller against the Standard IDE

The task, how to buid a generic XP SP2 image has been done.
I will test some other compis, but I think that they all work.

Nice to hear from you

PS: Tutorial 7 will describe, how to do USB boot with a compi, that never
heard anything about USB in his live.
I am in contact with Microsoft .

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