Inserting # of lines from one spreadsheet to another



I have a row that I have to copy from one spreadsheet in which the general
leders account is in a row. But I have to import this into a accounting
program. It requres the General Ledger account to be in a column on
separate rows. I have to import all the same data, such as Employee Id,
address, etc the only change being teh GL number in each column. This
requires me to copy 23 for every one row in the new spreadsheet. Then I
will use the vlookup to pull in the data I need. There is a row in the
orginal spreasheet for every check, which reslults in 23 rows in the new
spreadsheet. Is there a faster way than to cut and paste.
Hope this is clear?




Would it help if you copied all of your data in one go and then used
<Edit><Paste Special><Transpose> when you transfer the data?

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