Inserting new rows, which contain the formula in the above the new



I am not very technical when it comes to excel, and am creating a sheet. I
have various information in each column, and in two of them I have formula
eg - (on row 1)
A1, B1 has personal info .
C1, D1 have formula inserted, which work

I have copied the formula/ data down to say Row 18.

when I insert a new row inbetween rows 1 & 18 the formula is not copied
down/ up
eg - (on row 2)
A2, B2 I want to remain blank, so I can input the data
C2, D2 I want the formula automatically copied.

How do I do this? Please help, and please try and keep it simple I'm not
very computer literate! thanks in advance


hi just click on which cell have already formula and click CTRL +C and CTRL
+V on which cell you want formula


I was wondering if there was an automatic way of copying it. I am not going
to be the only user, and I really need to reduce the chance of errors
creeping in, which will ultimately skew all the data on a linked worksheet.
I don't understand macros at all...

Fred Smith

See if this helps (XL2007):
Office button>Excel Options>Advanced>Extend data range formats and formulas


Roger Govier


If you are using XL2003
Place cursor in your data>Data>List>Create>check my List has headers

If you are using XL2007
Place cursor in your data>Insert tab>Table>check my table has headers

Now, if you want to insert a row, right click where you wish to
Insert>Insert Row
The new row will have your formulae automatically created.
Similarly, if you add new rows to the end of the List / Table

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