Formula Question



We are creating a huge spreadsheet to integrate data into our Accounting
System and need to know if there is an easy way to make changes to formulas
to pull data accross columns instead of rows.

For example we have data in the original spreadsheet as follows:

Column A = Date
Column B = Location
Column C = Cash
Column D = Visa
Column E = MC
Column F = Amex
Column G = Discover

In the new spreadsheet we want the data to be as follows:
Row 1 = Date, Location, Cash
Row 2 = Date, Location, Visa
Row 3 = Date, Location, MC,
Row 4 = Date, Location, AMex
Row 5 = Date, Location, Discover

SO our formula to pull the information is as follows"
Cell A1 = "=Sheet1!A2"
Cell B1 = "=Sheet1!B2"
Cell C1 = "=Sheet1!C2"

Cell A2 = "=Sheet1!A2"
Cell B2 = "=Sheet1!B2"
Cell C2 = "=Sheet1!D2"

Is there a way to make the column change for the formula in Column C?




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