Inserting alpha page numbers into footer and TOC



We are using Word 2003, outline styles for chapter headings, and inserting
chapter number-page number into the footer.

I know the chapter number-page number scheme is not a good one, but the
company where I just started working this week really wants to do that.

They are using numericals for all the chapter headings except the
appendices. They start the numbering at A. They want the chapter
number-page number scheme to reflect the alpha numbering, but Word always
inserts the numerical equivalent. In other words, if Chapter A would have
been Chapter 14, instead of starting the page numbering at A-1, Word starts
it at 14-1.

As a result, the writers have created extra work for themselves. They
overwrite the footer page number fields to reflect the A-1 numbering, and
they change all the corresponding page numbers in the TOC. This is crazy.

I do not see a way to tell Word to use alpha characters in the page numbers
where it gives the option to insert the chapter number into the page number.

Am I overlooking some means of using alpha characters instead of numericals
for the insertion of the chapter number into the page number?

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