Inserting a signature "manually"


Fred Holmes

Outlook/Office 2003.

How does one command the insertion of one's "signature" with a menu
selection or a keyboard shortcut when the default is not to insert it?

I have insertion of my "signature" (personal data) set to automatic
for initiated messages and not for replies. That's fine for 99% of
the time. But if I am replying to a "broadcast" message (sent to
"everyone," and the sender may not know me personally), then I would
like to optionally include my "signature." I don't find it on the
"Insert" menu, nor anywhere else, so I have to go to the "original"
text and copy/paste it -- a chore.


Fred Holmes



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

WordMail does not include an Insert | Signature command like the regular
Outlook editor. If you want to be able to insert a signature into a WordMail
message manually, you can to create an AutoText entry for each signature.
You can then insert them with the Insert | AutoText command.

Or, create multiple signatures the normal way and make one the default. If
you want to use a different signature for the current message, right-click
the signature that Outlook inserted automatically. From the pop-up menu,
select either the name of the signature you want to use or E-mail Signature
to create a new one. This is my preferred method.

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