Inserted graphics are distorted when printed



I inserted a logo into an Excel worksheet...the logo just happened to be
square shaped, which allowed me to notice that in Print Preview as well as on
the printed page the logo was distorted. It was "squished" vertically making
it print as more of a rectangle.
I tried 150 and 300dpi versions in these file formats: jpg, png, tif
This happens in Office XP, 2003, and 2007 versions of Excel.
The only way that I could make the logo print correctly was to scale it
horizontally in Excel, so it looked "wrong" on screen.
This problem doesn't occur in Word or PowerPoint

Has anyone else seen this behavior in Excel?
Has anyone else found a way to fix it?




Hi BobmVAR,

Unfortunately, that's just how Excel works - in all versions back to at least Excel 5 and maybe earlier.

Curiously, if you embed the Excel worksheet in a Word document, Word re-scales it to the 'correct' dimensions.

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