insert word doc as an icon to word 2003 by drag&drop


Michael Chan

when I drag and drop a word file to an opened word file,it will insert the
content of the dragged file. However, if you use "Insert"->"Object"->"Created
from File" ->select the file and check "display as icon", the inserted file
would be display as an icon. Can I set it as to drag and drop a word file and
it displayed as an icon by default ?




There is another way to insert the Word document as an icon-object.
Copy the required file in Windows Explorer. Goto the recipient Word File,
have cursor at point of insertion, Paste Special, Microsoft Word Document
Object, tick box "Display as Icon". This will place the icon in the recipient
document but will not have the File name.
To change this, right click the new icon, Document Object, Convert, Change
Icon, enter the File Name at the Caption box, OK, OK.

Hope this helps

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