Insert Flash movie (swf) into a powerpoint slide


E. Kwong

If one inserts a Windows Media file or a Quicktime movie, the first frame
will display on the slide in Normal View and Slide Sorter View. The image
also shows up when the ppt is printed in either the Slide format or the
Handout format.

But that's not the case for Flash movie. After the swf is inserted, one
still gets a "blank" slide. The swf is working fine in slideshow mode; but
without that first frame cue, one is probably forced to explicily type the
name or a short description of the movie in text on the slide.

Is there any way to get the first frame of the Flash movie on the slide? Do
we have to write script to do that?

Any insight appreciated.



Ute Simon

Is there a "first frame" in your flash file? In my experience with
PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 (which version do you use?), the start of the flash
movie is visible, if it has been shown once in slide show mode. Only if it's
been freshly inserted, only a large "X" is visible. And if the file starts
with a white screen, only this white screen is visible. Try inserting an
advertising banner, they usually have no blank frames, and see whether it
behaves differently.

Best regards,

E. Kwong

Yes I know about the "X" and the frame being visible on the slide after
being played once in slideshow mode. Problem is this "frame" is temporary
and can't be saved - next time you open the file, you got the "blank"
slide back. That's my experience so far; and there's seem no work around

The flash files I've tested with definitely have a "first frame". If the
first frame is really blank, I can remove it from the original media file
before inserting the swf into powerpoint. We are using Powerpoint 2003.

Thanks for your response.




You could try a screen capture (even just the old PrintScreen) then paste the
picture over the flash file. Flash is like movies and always plays on top of
everything else. So you'll have the picture visible in edit modes, flash
visible in show mode. That's my theory anyway!


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