Inheriting permissions queations



A Win2K SP4 box is giving me some trouble moving files from one
partition to another. I have tried this on Win2K SP4 with Windows
Explorer and ExplorerXP.

I have been organizing a large hard drive with various files from txt,
doc, rtf, jpg, pdf, etc. Usually there are around 1000 files to move and
they are contained within about 30-40 folders. It's a real pain to
because the programs will hit a file, usually an image, and then stop
with a complaint about the file. End of that attempted transfer.

It seems that part of the problem I have is with the security settings
on the files. At one point in the past I set up these permissions so
that everyone had read and execute and I had full control. I checked the
permissions at the top folder and I still have full control but in the
subdirectories the files are greyed out suggesting that my permissions
do not propagate down through the older to the files.

Today I checked the settings at the top folder and found that the check
box that supposedly propagates the top (my) settings all the way down to
the files was unchecked. I checked it and I believe that should have
propagated Full Control down to the files but it doesn't. I watched it
change the settings all the way from top to bottom but the permissions
were still the same greyed out bunch.

Help would be appreciated.

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