inaccessible boot device , after harddisk exchange



Hello ,

ich wanted to exchange on my PC the old SCSI harddisk (meanwhile to small)
thats also the boot device , by a new IDE harddisk (bigger and silent). It's
Windows 2000 System with Sp4.
First I made image (with DriveImage). Then I exchanged the disks and
restored the image on the new disk.
I specified in the Bios the new IDE disk as boot device.
But it does not work yet. I get the error:

inaccessible boot device ... -

Can you help me ? How can I get it to work ? What else has to be done?

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks, jj

Mr C

Try booting from a Windows 98 boot disk and enterting the CLI. At the
command prompt type fdisk /mbr press return and when completed reboot
the PC. That method works for the majority of PCs but there is another
method involving a bit of work...

Good luck,

Mr C.

jj formulated on Thursday :

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