Importing Rules



After re formating my PC and importing my emails/contacts, I then imported my
rules which they did. but the problem I have now is that it says contain
errors. each of these rules related to sending a particular email from
someone and putting it in its own folder in outlook, it has droped the folder
and now says to specifiy the folder. I tried deleting all and re-imorting but
no luck. any suggestions would be great.






JLS6972 said:
After re formating my PC and importing my emails/contacts,

Which may well give you far more urgent problems than rules not working. If
you'd done any research you would have found that it is NOT recommended by
anyone to use the import/export function to move data from one Outlook to
another. You don't import all your Word documents to a new version of Word,
do you?

(Courtesy of Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook])

Importing an entire PST may well corrupt your profile and may create a ghost
PST that you can't close. Importing PST's will lose:
1. Custom Forms
2. Custom Views
3. Connections between contacts and activities
4. Received dates on mail
5. Birthdays and anniversaries in calendar
6. Journal connections
7. Distribution Lists

Opening a PST file will preserve all of these. That is why we do not advise
people to import a native file into Outlook.

How to backup and restore Outlook

There is out-dated information on some of these pages, specifically with
regard to Outlook 2003 and 2007.

The main points to note:
1. Do NOT use the import/export function to move Outlook data from one
version to another - all you need to do is to copy the pst file, with
Outlook closed.

2. Do NOT paste the copied pst file into the default location - paste into
(for example) your Documents folder and then do File-Open-Outlook Data File
within Outlook.

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